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Reese’s® Stuffed Cupcakes


The Reese’s cupcake has kind of gotten a reputation around these parts. Something about the peanut butter-chocolate combination just makes people’s brains shut down and they descend into sugar-fueled madness. It typically goes something like this:

Until the sugar-induced bellyache comes around and they’re like

But how can you say no to such a tasty combination? But wait, there’s more! These cupcakes have a Reese’s cup. In the middle. Baked right inside of the cupcake. All gooey, and chocolately, and melty. That’s right. Swoon.

On a different note, you all should know that I don’t take my own photographs. They’re taken by my lovely friend and roommate Scott, who knows more about photography than I could ever. She really knows how to catch the essence of a food, letting its personality shine through in perfect clarity:


Ah…well. She gets it right most of the time.

All in good fun, of course. If I tried taking pictures myself, we wouldn’t have this blog.

What else should you know about these cupcakes? They’re really quite simple. The strong coffee enhances the chocolate cake by giving it a strong, full undertone. The frosting is simple as long as you follow instructions (even if you don’t, it’d still be hard to mess it up). Don’t forget to fully unwrap the Reese’s pieces (or not, I don’t know what you’re into) and actually put them into the cupcakes (let me tell you how many times I’ve forgotten this until halfway through baking time). The recipe should yield about 24 cupcakes and enough frosting to generously frost them. Now go make friends by making these cupcakes.


Hi! I’ve moved over to Honey & Vanilla Beans! Find the recipe here.


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